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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
11:37 pm
so as i ended that last update on such a good note, i'll go with this and see what i get eh?

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want--good or bad. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you. Stolen from everyone.
11:15 pm
so i know it been like forever and a half but oh well.

i'm not dead....yet
i am more excited than i can say about social thursday and then induction, and the see my mom and dad, i really miss them.
class...well i wont flunk out...i am doing ok just not as well as i want to but it has been one crazy ass semester. but have had sooo much fun as compared to the hermit i was last year fall semester so you cant have both, oh well.

so i know lj isn't the place fto talking about your friends who actually read you lj but here goes,

did you really and actually think i wasnt going to see it? yeah and thanks for making me feel like the worst person on earth, that hurt and was unfair and over the line in such a horrible way i cannot even tell you, i take the christmas light down tonight.

so yeah
Friday, October 7th, 2005
1:56 pm
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I amuse myself

Just wanted to let you all know that Phi Sigma Pi is the most amazing thing ever and I am in love with the Phi class, and my Big, and the rest of the brothers...Phi- High or Die.... Thats how funny we are, yeah

No football this weekend, but next weekend big game at Ohio State. Go State! 4-1 is a good record, how about 5-1 eh? We can do it, except that Ohio is 6th and we are 19th but we always win games like this that, the one ones nobody thinks we can win. Drew needs to put up so good numbers, last game was bad all around not just the kicker. Honestly it shold not be the kicker who wins the game in the last seconds of the game, it is just to much pressure. Every one played poorly and Michigan played at 100% so yeah. We played at about 80% so all we have to do is step it up and keep going, 4-1 is still a good record. Alright ill be done talking about football now.
Thursday, September 29th, 2005
12:21 pm
1. Coheed and Cambria is never less than amazing.
2. MSU football this weekend will rock my world, heres hoping we win...
3. Every time i feel bad for myself, think that i have lots t do and not enough of something i reme,ber that my house is not under 20 feet of water and fell stupid. makes everything i worry about seem veyr trivial and stupid.

thats about, really really hope i got into Phi Sigma Pi but ill know for sure tonight. i am aso rather attached to the idea of doing well on the paper i did last week, i think ill know soon, damn lazy profs. have lots to read and more the study for a latin exam tomorrow...ugh

i need a drink
Sunday, September 25th, 2005
12:36 pm
61 to 14

that is all i need to say

damn i love msu football
Monday, September 19th, 2005
3:28 pm
shari only has one cat....and its megan's
This weekend i went home with Karen, Shari, Ana and Sarah and whilst i should have been here doing my homework and sleeping i realy enjoyed myself. I also was very excited to see ash and beth, like more so than i can explian, i just missed them i guess.

oh wait, my parents bought a kitty and she is sooooo cute and little, she looks like a stuffed animal...that can move....never mind

you know i am dorky, so you can all stop reading now.....but

MSU is ranked you guys.... ranked! i know that makes me irationally happy but it does and i thought you should know. Ap poll we are 17.

i have faith

do you have faith??
Thursday, September 8th, 2005
12:12 pm
so here it is

41 to 14

now that is how you start a season of the right way. by kicking the stuffing out of kent state. now we al know that our team wont have a real test untill it plays a big ten team.. which i think is not this weekend (hawaii) or nest weekend (i think notre dame) but the one after that. anyway i think we can do it. as long as the keep stanton healthy, get teague of the field becuase he is harmless unless you are a chick are a party and keep giving jehuu the ball. that my friends is how we will have a ...gasp..winning season

anyway yes that is all i had to say beucase i am a nerd..yeah
Thursday, September 1st, 2005
12:20 pm
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Monday, August 29th, 2005
5:07 pm
spartan teams are never beaten...we hope
My feet hurt more than anything right now, ugh who goes to a school with such a big campus?

HST 315 American Intellectual Thought to 1865 150-240 m,w,f
HST 368 China After 1900 100-220 tu,th
PLS 356 Western European Politics 300-420 m,w
LTN 101 Elementary Latin 1020-1110 m,tu,th,fr
REL 310 Judaism 300-420 tu,th
Work, m 6-close, tu 6 to close w 6 to close, fr 515 to close
4 hours a week of Tower Guard Community Service
weekly Tower Guard meeting

Its been nice knowing all of you

By the way, the marching band is playing Bon Jovi this week and it promises to be a good half time, and its the home opener. I know I am excited.
Monday, August 15th, 2005
1:53 pm
so i know its been like four months but i thought this was funny and who am i to fight with the lj gods hm?

1. Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.

aside from that i am afraid i havent been doing anything that exciting. yesterday was the best day i have had all summer and i owe it ana and her good thinking.
i leave, i hope, for school sunday and i cannot wait to get back up there, i miss it some much. and football starts on the 3rd, you have no idea how happy i am for that. rosebowl baby..not really but i can dream right? i am gonna miss people here but we will work something out
thats about it
have a nice day
Thursday, April 28th, 2005
2:25 pm
( ) smoked a cigarette
( ) smoked a cigar
(x) crashed a friend's car
( ) stolen a car
(x) been in love
( ) been dumped
( ) shoplifted
( ) been fired
( ) been in a fist fight
( ) snuck out of my parent's house
(x) had feelings for someone who didnt have them back
( ) been arrested
( ) made out with a stranger
( ) gone on a blind date
(x) lied to a friend
(x) had a crush on a teacher
(x) skipped school
( ) slept with a co-worker
( ) seen someone die
(x) been to Canada
( ) been to Mexico
(x) been on a plane
( ) thrown up in a bar
( ) purposely set a part of myself on fire
(x) eaten Sushi
( ) been snowboarding
(x) been moshing at a concert
( ) been in an abusive relationship
(x) taken painkillers
(x) love someone or miss someone right now
(x) laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by
(x) made a snow angel
(x) had a tea party
(x) flown a kite
(x) built a sand castle
(x) gone puddle jumping
(x) played dress up
(x) jumped into a pile of leaves
(x) gone sledding
(x) cheated while playing a game
(x) been lonely
(x) fallen asleep at work/school
( ) used a fake id why get a fake one when there are so many people wiling to buy for you?
(x) watched the sun set
(x) felt an earthquake
(x) touched a snake
(x) slept beneath the stars.
(x) been tickled
( ) been robbed
(x) been misunderstood
(x) pet a reindeer/goat
(x) won a contest
(x) run a red light does it count when i didt actually know it was red?
( ) been suspended from school
(x) been in a car accident
(x) had braces
(x) felt like an outcast
( ) eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night ew...
(x) had deja vu beent here too
(x) danced in the moonlight
(x) hated the way you look
(x) witnessed a crime
(x) pole danced...shari was my pole
(x) questioned your heart
(x) been obsessed with post-it notes.. who isnt?
(x) squished barefoot through the mud
(x) been lost
(x) been to the opposite side of the country
(x) swam in the ocean
(x) felt like dying
(x) cried yourself to sleep
(x) played cops and robbers
(x) recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers
(x) sung karaoke
(x) paid for a meal with only coins
(x) done something you told yourself you wouldn't
(x) made prank phone calls
(x) laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
(x) caught a snowflake on your tongue
(x) danced in the rain
(x) written a letter to Santa Claus
( ) been kissed under a mistletoe
(x) watched the sun set with someone you care about.. but it was my family, not that i dont love them but what the question means i think
(x) blown bubbles
(x) made a bonfire on the beach
( ) crashed a party
(x) gone rollerskating
(x) had a wish come true
( ) humped a monkey...what?
(x) worn pearls
(x) jumped off a bridge
( ) screamed penis in class
(x) ate dog/cat food
( ) told a complete stranger you loved them
(x) kissed a mirror
(x) sang in the shower
(x) had a dream that you married someone
(x) glued your hand to something
( ) got your tongue stuck to a flag pole
( ) kissed a fish
(x) worn the opposite sexes clothes
(x) been a cheerleader..iwas better than a cheerleader, i was in marching band
(x) sat on a roof top...sometimes more successfully then others
(x) screamed at the top of your lungs
( ) done a one-handed cartwheel, haha me?!
(x) talked on the phone for more than 6 hours
(x) stayed up all night
(x) didn't take a shower for a week
(x) pick and ate an apple right off the tree...aw, I miss apple picking back home
(x) climbed a tree
(x) had a tree house... kind of
(x) are scared to watch scary movies alone
(x) believe in ghosts
(x) have more then 30 pairs of shoes
( ) worn a really ugly outfit to school just to see what others say
( ) gone streaking
( ) played ding-dong-ditch
(x) played chicken
( ) been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on
(x) been told you're hot by a complete stranger
(x) broken a bone
(x) been easily amused
( ) caught a fish then ate it
( ) made porn
(x) caught a butterfly
(x) laughed so hard you cried
(x) cried so hard you laughed
( ) mooned/flashed someone
(x) had someone moon/flash you
(x) cheated on a test
(x) have a Brittany Spears CD...I'll make it clear I'll never spend money on one though
(x) forgotten someone's name
(x) slept naked
(x) French braided someones hair
( ) gone skinny dippin in a pool
( ) been kicked out of your house

and there it is, me not studying at all
Monday, April 25th, 2005
2:39 pm
so after a hour of yelling at the computer and fighting with the system i have my classes figuered out.


ISP 203 geology and the human enviorment sec 701
3 credits
IAH U.S. and the world sec 707
4 credits
ISS 310 people and the enviorment sec 732
4 credtis

11 in all

hst 315 american intellectual history 3 credits
hst 343 russia from peter the great to lenin 3 credits
latin 101 elementary latin 4 credits
pls 356 western european politics 3 credits
rel 310 judaism 4 credits
hst 201 historical methods and skills 3 credits
hst 373 ottoman empire 3 crddits
iah 221c great ages modern world 4 credits
ltn 102 elementary latin 4 credits
pls 325 american executive process 3 credits
89 credits by the end of the year so maybe just maybe i will be getting out a year early. all that and work and tower gaurd, its been nice ot know you all.
Sunday, April 24th, 2005
9:03 pm
so how about a real update eh?

my very good friend sarah told me that she had this tradition at western that earth day she would stay up all night and then go and watch the sun rise. she wanted to watch it from the tower. now i thought it was strange that she wanted to stay up all night but what ever i am not one to ask ya know? and i thought why would we watch it at the tower? there are lots of better places to watch it. i was like why dont we go to the bridge over the river on fram lane? when we get there there were people there and i was like ok what kind of strange liberal pinko commie earth day cult is this?

then sarah says megan i have been lieing to you, see while i was waiting for a letter from tower garud she had gotten one like 3 weeks ago and they do this thing where the person getting in dosent know untill that mourning. wow man let me tell you i hade no idea.

so we love sarah for doing this for me, and jess and everyone else who knew when i didnt which is like the whole world

and i am now a member of tower garud, a honor society when they invite the top 5 percent of the freashman and the ones who get in do a bunch of service project for the disabled students on campus. they read book on to tap for the blind, i cant even talk like a normal person what makes me think that i can do that?
yeah, me come on now, me? in a honor society? i still think it was a mistake that they let me in but i like community service so this will be cool.

hm well school is almost over and i cannot believe it. got a summer job thatll be awesome and i cannot wait to be back in the twp

now to study
Sunday, April 17th, 2005
1:06 pm
funny how right these things are sometimes

Your True Birth Month Is July









Fun to be with

Has reputation

Not revengeful

Easily consoled

Very emotional

Wary and sharp

Waits for friends

Likes to be quiet

Witty and snarky

Caring and loving

Loves to be alone

Overly concerned

Loves to be loved

Treats others equally

Puts in effort in work

Takes pride in oneself

Moody and easily hurt

No difficulties in studying

Strong sense of sympathy

Forgiving but never forgets

Quiet unless excited or tensed

Not aggressive unless provoked

Concerned about people's feelings

Temperamental and unpredictable

Judge people through observations

Easily hurt but takes long to recover

Guides others physically and mentally

Dislikes the nonsensical and unnecessary

Difficult to fathom and to be understood

Sensitive and forms impressions carefully

Always broods about the past and the old friends

Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
1:45 pm
A - Age you got your first kiss: um
B - Band listening to right now: the who
C - Crush: nope
D - Dad's name: Bill, well William acutally
E - Easiest person to talk to: sarahand my mom
F - Favorite bands at the moment: the who
G - Gummy Worms or Gummy Bears: bears
H - Hometown: Shelby Twp.
I - Instruments: paino trumpet and others
J - Junior High: Malow
K - Kids: someday
L - Longest car ride ever: flordia
M - Mom's name: Amy
N - Nicknames: meg, megs, maggie may, bush head but only if your my little sister
O - One wish: hmm only one?
P - Phobia of: being useless
Q - Quote: heart on fire, mind on ice- Brett Bays
R - Reason to smile: good family and good friends
S - Song you sang last: The point of no return
T- Time woke up- 830ish
U - Unknown fact about me: i have strange a love of push pins
V - Vegetable you hate: cabbage
X - X-rays you've had: lots
Y - Yummy food: im irish so potatos
Z - Zodiac sign: cancer
Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
12:11 pm
our caf has been over run bu rabid 11 year olds
Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
1:42 pm
i hurt

all over, i look like an old lady walking round holding my back and groaning everytime i move.

so if anyone out there wanted to fall throught the windsheild of a suv id say dont
Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
1:15 pm
i had a fun filled weekend.

Sarah and i went up to the U.P. to see her family and to go to Winter Carnival. they have these snow carvings that are as tall as buildings that have amazing detail. like chain link fences made out of ice and the castle from the little mermaid made out of snow, just amazing. The U.P. is beautiful, it really is.

the weekend was fun and sarah's family is very nice, it was the drive there and back that was more...interesting

on the way there we ran out gas on the side of I-75. so we called AAA for a guy to bring us some gas and half way through the conversation my phone died. so i got out to go and check what mile marker we were by, i wasnt sure if it was 254 or 274. if it was 254 it would have only been a mile walk to a gas station, if it was 274 then woud have been a 5 mile walk. someone driving by was nice and called the police and a nice police women took us to a gas station and took us back to the car. that was all and we got there ok

on the way home we managed to do bit more damage. now sarah is a good driver and this was not her fault. but we were getting into the onside lane and hit a patch of ice, at which point the car lost its grip on the road and slid in the outside lane and then on the solder. now at this point i was thinking that now we would have to restart it and get back on the road and i didnt want to deal with anything that might be wrong. then the car rolled over and you can imagine what i was thinking then. when the car was upside down the windshied popped right out. the car stoped on its side kinda and then it righted its self, when it was on its side i half slid half fell out the windshield, which was no longer there. sarah and i were both fine,we both have a few cuts and lots of sore muscles. beucase i didnt have on my seat belt the ems guy took me to the hospital strapped to the backbroad and evyerthing. after lots of xrays they decided that i hadnt broken my back, i could have told them that. like i said we are fine. the car was totaled though. we called my parents and they drove up to grayling, where we were, and got us and brought us back here. i think they had a harder time with it then i did, i was just very very happy to be alive. sarah and i both got tickets, goddamned ass hole of a cop, as if i didnt realize i should have been wearing a seatbelt, im the one who fell out the windsheild of a car!

anyway like i said, a action filled weekend. rest assured that sarah is not a maniac behind the wheel, not that she had a car at this ponit.
by the way christine i am realy happy for you and eric
Saturday, January 29th, 2005
8:46 pm
Everybody, listen to me,
And return me, my ship.
I'm your captain, I'm your captain,
Although I'm feeling mighty sick.
I've been lost now, days uncounted,
And it's months since I've seen home.
Can you hear me, can you hear me,
Or am I all alone.
If you return me, to my home port,
I will kiss you mother earth.
Take me back now, take me back now,
To the port of my birth.
Am I in my cabin dreaming, or are you really scheming,
To take my ship away from me?
You'd better think about it, I just can't live without it.
So, please don't take my ship from me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah ...
I can feel the hand, of a stranger,
And it's tightening, around my throat.
Heaven help me, Heaven help me,
Take this stranger from my boat.
I'm your captain, I'm your captain,
Although I'm feeling mighty sick.
Everybody, listen to me,
And return me, my ship.
I'm your captain, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
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I'm your captain, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
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I'm getting closer to my home ...
Ohhhh ...
I'm getting closer to my home ...
I'm getting closer to my home ...
I'm getting closer to my home ...
I'm getting closer to my home ...

this is the greatest song ever, or one of them at least. with a name like Grand Funk RailRoad how can ya miss?
Friday, January 28th, 2005
7:18 pm
today i finished a very important task that has been bothering me for weeks

all 59 of the books on my desk have been arranged the way i wanted

the go from right to left in order of hight.
with in each hight they are organized alphabetically by author
with in each author they are organized in the order in which they come in the series, if they are not a series then they are organized alphabetically.

all is right in my world
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